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"Dr. Mel,
I tried to think of the best way to thank you for my beautiful smile, and there simply isn't any way to express the gratitude I feel. This has changed my life. I have a confidence I never had before, and I no longer feel self-conscious during talks and meetings at work. I am no longer hesitant about smiling at people and everyone smiles back. I get comments all the time on my beautiful smile, and I owe it all to you!
I also want to tell you how great your staff is. Everyone has been helpful and encouraging. I want to say a special thanks to Diane and Silvia for being such caring assistants through the entire process, and to Regina for all her hand-holding and support. They have helped make this such a wonderful experience.
Thank you Dr. Mel for changing my smile and my life."
— Corinne Boulanger

"My name is Cassie Tomlin and I am now pain free. I have suffered with back, arm, and shoulder pains for the past 10 years. My medical doctor diagnosed me with arthritis of the spine, and my trips to the physical therapist brought me partial relief.
About 8 months ago the pain returned along with other new symptoms. I now noticed ringing in my ears, dizzy spells, and recurrent headaches. I also suffered with pain on the left side of my neck that shot down my arm causing trembling and loss of feeling in my fingers. I was also developing numbness in my legs. I tried to sleep with a water bottle and used pain meds, but I got no relief. I was miserable.
One day I overheard Dr. Melnick talking about neuromuscular dental disease. I realized that I was experiencing the same symptoms. I told Dr. Melnick and he started my treatment that day. A couple of weeks later he delivered my bite correcting appliance and I began to wear it as directed. Within two weeks I noticed that I wasn't having any pain. I was afraid to believe it. I was waiting for the pain to return. I no longer have the need to see my physical therapist. The pain and numbness are gone. I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Melnick "
— Cassie Tomlin

"As someone who has always has "Dental Phobia," I can honestly say that after being treated by Dr. Kelly Burk I no longer fear my dental appointments. In fact, I no longer put off any dental work! She knows I still get squeamish when having a procedure done so she makes it a priority to ensure I'm comfortable and calm as she walks me though whatever is required. The work she has done on my teeth has been of the highest quality. From checkups to fillings, her work is impeccable; I highly recommend her. Thanks you, Dr. Burk!!!"
— D.L. Mastin

"I have been wearing my orthotic now for a few months and I can truly say that I have been headache free. I had been getting migraine headaches, tension headaches for a little over a year (and they were getting worse). I'd tried everything. I'd seen every type of medical doctor, has every type of test, x-ray, sonogram, and what not; and I had awful headaches. Lucky for me, it was time to get my teeth cleaned and I happened to mention to your hygienist about my headaches. She told me that you both had just gotten back from a series of training courses in the Midwest on a procedure called Neuromuscular Dentistry and from what I was describing, this may work on me. I was ready to try anything because at this point, I don't believe I was having a day without some sort of a headache.
I couldn't believe how pain free the procedure was. The new treatment room is great (it's better than going to the spa). The appliance is easy to wear and easy to care for and the best part is I always look forward to the chuckles I get from the comedy act of Burk & Melnick (or is that Melnick & Burk). Nevertheless, I've been a patient for almost 20 years and I look forward to many more years of professional, courteous service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "
— Deborah Carr
Beltsville, MD

"Dear Dr. Melnick,
I wanted to express my satisfaction to you regarding my recent treatment for TMJ. When you first spoke to me about the treatment and the possible results I must admit I was somewhat skeptical. Before the treatment I could not open my mouth enough to eat a hamburger, my jaw cracked and ached most of the time. I was also experiencing headaches and neck pain which worked its way to my back.
After 30 days of treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement, I do not experience any jaw pain and I am enjoying hamburgers. My headaches and neck pain are a thing of the past. I continue to use my orthodic at night as maintenance to my condition as you recommended. I really appreciate the time you spent explaining to me how the treatment works and your personal touch during the treatment to make sure the retainer fit was perfect. Thank you for helping me lead a normal pain free life."
— Sara Mullen

"My association with Dr. Melnick dates back to 1992, when I was in preparations for an assignment to McMurdo, Antarctica. All physical checks and requirements which were quite demanding were to be done prior to departures no dental services were available there for the 6 months I was to be on site. My Dental Health had to be 100% for this duty. Dan managed to bring me up to par and this was on fairly short notice especially as I was a walk in patient just staying nearby temporarily, and I am always a rolling stone on travel to field sites in odd locations.
Over the years, I have always tried to have my work done at Laurel Lakes due to the trust I have in the professional ethics and sincere outlook of all the staff there. There is a difference in the art & profession of this practice that keeps me coming back, from long distances even.
Now in my 62nd year of life, I consider Dan and the staff reliable and always available in a pinch to correct my problems and really care about my needs, plus does it as cost effective as possible!
Dan is not the usual dentist; he is able to offer the best care and reasonable expenses in unusual demanding circumstances with a positive attitude toward life and a rare understanding of the differences in needs of the individual, like myself. Health comes before wealth and on this point alone, I can say I recommend Dr. Melnick to be the most professional in all I owe him respect for his care over these years of high caliber!!!"
Thanks Dan,
— William Whitworth

"I am a patient of Dr. Melnick at Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry. I had surgery performed in which the sedation method was used as opposed to being put completely under. I was told that using this method I would feel no pain nor remember much about the surgical procedure that was being performed. Initially, I was apprehensive about not remembering what was going to be done. The reassurance and trust I received by the staff gave me confidence and helped me make the decision, to go ahead with the sedation procedure. I was very pleased with my decision to go that route and would not hesitate to use the same procedure again, if ever necessary. Thank you to Dr. Melnick and his staff for their care and professionalism."
Sincerely Yours,
—Joseph Davis

"I am honored to voice my support of Dr. Melnick and the entire staff at Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry. It's been at least 10 years or more since I was first recommended to Dr. Melnick, and since then, he has taken care of all my dental needs from extractions to fillings, from bridges to bonding, and all with the same expert quality and care, with the least amount of discomfort or anxiety, and always in a timely manner. I am one that can say honestly I look forward to and enjoy going to "my dentist." It doesn't hurt that Dr. Melnick is warmly personable with a wonderful sense of humor. I always get a warm welcome from everyone. The entire staff prides themselves on being attentive, caring, considerate, kind and patient. I've recommend my daughter, who is now a patient. And since Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry is "big on family," when it came time for my grandson's first visit to the dentist, I could think of no better place to entrust the care of my beloved 5-year-old. It was a positive experience for him because they took the time t make him comfortable with the office surroundings and the instruments. To hear him tell that, It was great" and now he too is looking forward to his next visit. He now refers to Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry as "his." I thank you Dr. Melnick and the entire staff at Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry for many years of excellent services."
—Floretta Grewdillae

"From the time I was a small child, I was self conscious about my teeth. Even after I had braces to straighten them out, my severely discolored teeth caused me to unknowingly learn how to "learn" how to smile again. Since having my "smile make over," my improved appearance is the nothing short of a miracle. It has completely altered how I am perceived by other people, to the point of being nicknamed "smiley" by various people I meet. The support and encouragement you gave me not only during, but after the procedures have been fantastic. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone in need of dental work."
—Robert Sharer Jr.

"Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry has the most up to date equipment in dentistry. Dr. Melnick capped my tooth in one hour using CAD/CAM technology. He also replaced the metal fillings from my top back teeth with tooth colored fillings in a short time. I recommend Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry to all."
—Diana Sansoti

"Those three dentists I saw were wonderful to me!!!"
—Mona Febus

"This has to be the best dentist office in town!!!"
Edward Ronemus Sr.

"I told Dr. Burk the day of my visit how wonderful the whole office is, every time I come in to the office the service is always great and I get to see the same cheerful staff. Dr. Burk is always wonderful and very helpful. Most people don't like going to the dentist, but I love it because of your staff. So don't change a thing!"

"The lady who did my cleaning was excellent. She even showed me how to properly floss by letting me hold a mirror and showing me what to do and how to do it correctly. She was very nice and I requested her for my next cleaning as well. Dr. Melnick saw me as well and I was very impressed with him. He was gentle with me and gave me a lot of information for our brief visit together and I have an appointment with him as well in August."

"As always the ladies at the front and Dr. Miles are wonderful."

"Dr. Miles is excellent. My son thinks he's great too and can't wait for his upcoming check-up with him."

"I had never seen Cynthia, the hygienist that cleaned my teeth. I really like the fact that she was so through with the exam. Besides just my teeth, she did an oral cancer screen, checked for TMJ, updated my medical history and she was really nice to talk too! In fact, your whole office is really nice and I always look forward to seeing you. Good Job!"

"This office made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. Everyone was very warm and sweet. I'm very glad I came to your office. Thank you for understanding my needs."

"I never thought I would say this, but I look forward to going to the dentist! I tell all my friends and family members about the pleasant experiences I have had in your care."

"Yes, I have the best dentist in the world. Thanks, Dr. Melnick for your patience and great abilities to work on my teeth. I love your work and have referred many to come to you for dental work."

"Everyone was extremely nice and friendly. The office tour was a gigantic plus. It was the first time I have felt as if I was actually wanted by any medical professional. I plan to telephone to make an appointment for my father in the near future. Thank you!"

"Everyone was professional and pleasant. I would never go anywhere else for my dental care!"

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